sample 6 week program

Following outlines a sample 6 week program. Activities can be customised according to the group’s needs.

Week 1: Kick off & Seminar

Each participant will be guided through an educational journey that typically kicks off with an interactive seminar that focus on goal-setting, various Q&A and overall briefing of our 6 week program and activities.

Week 2:  Exercise 101 + HIIT

Almost every week, session will include various introduction to bodyweight and functional training bootcamps that focus on full body workouts and specialised workouts that target certain problem areas. Via whatsapp groups, coaches will be sharing daily Home Workouts as well.

Week 3: Boxing + Muah Thai

Muay Thai and/or boxing sessions are always a favourite for employees as it not only gives them an awesome high intensity full body workout, it is also super fun and a superb stress release session. Kapow!

Week 4: Dance Dance Dance

Zumba, Salsation, Aerodance or Bollywood dance? You name it. At least 1x session during the 6 week program will include a 1-3hr JomFit aerobic cardio workout session with the target of burning some 1000kcal. For the guys who don’t like to dance, our trainers will coordinate equivalent HIIT circuit training routines.

Week 5: Dodgeball

Once you feel the excitement and joy, you shall be a dodgeball fan for life. Plus when do you really get the opportunity to through a ball at one of your colleagues. Like literally! This is always a major attraction for any Jom Kurus Corporate weight loss program. 

Week 6: Empower Diri Bootcamp

Our signature bootcamp. This is a guided and educational on-location bootcamp which includes a variety of iconic movements like monster-tyre flips, battle ropes, medicine balls and plenty of other good stuff.

Closing Session

The closing session focuses on reenforcing teachings, experiences and personal sharing by participants. Winners will also be announced and celebrated, typically with a “healthy” buffet spread and plenty of selfies opportunities.


For questions or customizations, please contact us via

6 Week Challenge BASIC
Dedicated Trainer
WhatsApp Support Groups
12x Activities
Corporate Ohlimpik Games Optional Enrolment**
Free eBooks & Videos
Jom Kurus Certificate*

Note: Pricing package based on min 25 pax. Additional participants are RM250/pax.
*Terms & Conditions apply.


How long is a typical program?

A typical Jom Kurus Corporate weight loss program is typically 6 weeks. But we have done programs as long as 6 month!

Where will the trainings be?

With the exception of Ohlimpik sports tournaments, typically all trainings will be held at the clients venue.

Will Kevin Zahri conduct the sessions?

Depending on your preference and package. Please refer to our corporate brochure for more details.

What supporting material will be provided?

All participants will receive access to over 10 eBooks and 100s of videos for their own reference.

Can you provide custom branded printed books?

Yes, we can provide custom branded corproate versions of our educational material. It makes nice 

What is Ohlimpik?

Ohlimpik are our Jom Kurus Sports Competitions. If you join our Jom Kurus Corporate during an active season, you are eligible to send your participants to compete.


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