6 Week Program
Dedicated Trainer
Online Support Groups
12x Activities
Ohlimpik Games
10 eBooks + 100 Videos
Jom Kurus Certificate

Sample Activities: HIIT, Circuit Training, Muay Thai, Zumba, Seminars, Dodgeball, Hiking, Bootcamps, Diet Planning etc

Note: This promotion is valid for companies that kick-off their 6 week program between 1st Jan 2019 and 1st March 2019. Promotional offer is based on min 25 pax. Additional participants are RM250/pax.

jom kurus corporat edition

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Cabaran Jom Kurus or “Let’s Lose Weight Challenge” is a 6 week weight loss challenge founded by Kevin Zahri in 2014. It is biggest weight loss movement with over 40,000 participants and is included in the Malaysian Book of Records. With endless success stories and media coverage, Jom Kurus focuses on education, empowerment, fun and a variety of fitness activities to empower its participants through their journeys. Whether you are looking for a Biggest Loser weight loss challenge or a weight loss seminar with Kevin Zahri, we would be happy to help you bring our success to your organisation.


Need more help or got a question?
Contact Kaka at 019 282 7820 or email us at jom@cabaranjomkurus.com

How long is a typical program?

A typical Jom Kurus Corporate weight loss program is typically 6 weeks. But we have done programs as long as 6 month!

Where will the trainings be?

With the exception of dodgeball tournaments, typically all trainings will be held at the clients venue.

Will Kevin Zahri conduct the sessions?

Depending on your preference and package. Please refer to our corporate brochure for more details.

What supporting material will be provided?

All participants will receive access to over 10 eBooks and 100s of videos for their own reference.

Can you provide custom branded printed books?

Yes, we can provide custom branded corproate versions of our educational material. It makes nice 

What is Ohlimpik?

Ohlimpik are our Jom Kurus Sports Competitions. If you join our Jom Kurus Corporate during an active season, you are eligible to send your participants to compete.

Seminars & Educational Learning.

Each participant will be guided through an educational journey that includes seminars, online guidance, ebooks and much more.

Goal Setting & Tracking

To keep participants motivated, focused and competitive, we typically track the weight of participants weekly with weekly rewards for the best achievers.

Diverse Weekly Activities

Weekly activities are custom built but include a variety of fun, engaging and challenging sessions. Sample activities may include Zumba, HIIT, Bootcamps, Muay Thai, Yoga and more.

Stress Management

Apart from the education and exercises, our goal is to help participants release stress and have fun. Stress management activities include Yoga, Pilates and oh yes, MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing as well.

Dodgeball Tournaments

Once you feel the excitement and joy, you shall be a dodgeball fan for life. Plus when do you really get the opportunity to through a ball at one of your colleagues. Like literally! This is always a major attraction for any Jom Kurus Corporate weight loss program.