How it works?

Following illustrates how you might approach a sample Corporate Jom Kurus referral process would work.


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Can I just refer and you pitch?

Yes its possible for you to simply refer an interested client and we handle the entire process. Pls contact us for more info.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we will contact corporate wellness sales training, presentation slides, invoicing, marketing materials and our very own whatsapp support group.

Who attends meetings?

If needed, our team can assist you by attending meeting and/or guiding you through the process.

Will KZ attend meetings?

On most cases, KZ will not be involved in meetings and face to face discussions unless the situation demands it.

Commission from KZ 

On top of the RM1,000 referral fee, you are eligible for up to 10% commission related KZ talks, exercises sessions and other services.

When will I get paid?

Your referral fee will be paid when 1) the program has completed and 2) the client has made payment to us.